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NOK Employment faq's

"How do I request time off?"

Use the time off request form below to submit time off at least 2 weeks prior to requested time off.  Failure to comply could result in requests not being approved.  Also, submitted requests are not guaranteed approval, NOKHC Admin and Supervisors reserve the right for final decision.

When do we get paid?

Our agency pays bi-weekly. Pay periods are Sunday-Saturday. Please reach out to Taylor for a copy of 2023's pay schedule. 

Who do I call if the office is closed?

We have an after hours emergency line, reserved for non medical emergencies and call outs. A member of our office has this line at all times. 720-245-1197.

What happens if I don't clock in or out?

We are required by the State of Colorado to show proof that you were at the client's home during the time that you were scheduled. If you miss clock in please call as soon as you notice so we can get you clocked in. If you do not mark off tasks before clocking out we will send you a care log on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. These care logs are mandatory  to sign and return in order to be paid for those hours. 

Do we get sick time?

You are allotted 6 paid sick days a year, in order to be paid for your sick day you are required to submit a doctor's note to

How do I clock in/out?

Please see the attachment below with instructions on our two clocking in and out methods. 

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